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About Us

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Our Mission
“Working together to deliver dynamic learning for life and work throughout the region”

Our Vision
“To make a positive impact on our learners lives”

Our Values
Supportive, Inspirational, Flexible, Different

Supportive: We support our learners and staff to achieve their potential.

Inspirational: Outstanding teaching, try something new, our learners want to come back.

Flexible: We work around the needs of others.

Different: We are unique and not one of the crowd of training providers, because of the above values and our ability to work in partnership using multiple funding sources.

Locations in Middlesbrough

  • Multi Media Exchange 72 - 80 Corporation Road TS1 2RF

  • Lingfield Countryside Centre Mount Pleasant Way TS8 0XF

Our Core Values

Our shared values have been developed through widespread consultation with learners, volunteers, staff and community partnerships. These core values support our vision and mission statement.

Success in work or life
• Skills for entrepreneurship, social and family responsibility, good citizenship, and independent living
• Progression to jobs or further study
• Achievement of qualifications and personal potential

• Show the respect for every individual through our communications and actions Putting the learner first
• Equality of opportunity and diversity
• Trust fairness, mutual respect and helping others

• Seek innovative and creative ways of working that contribute to the progress of the service
• Contribute to a culture of continuous improvement, supporting learners reach their full potential.
• Take responsibility to find solutions to problems and empower others to do the same

• Demonstrate a commitment to continuous quality improvement in all aspects of the learner experience
• Safe, healthy and sustainable learning environments
• Ensure that learner involvement is at the heart of all the services processes
• Personally deliver a high quality service to be proud of
• Strive for excellence in all aspects of the services work

• Understand how every individual can contribute to the long term success of the service
• Respond to the needs of the community and its employers
• Respond to every enquiry in a timely professional friendly manner being flexible in our delivery of learning programmes